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My Brother the Messiah - news

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obrazek16 June 2023: Yesterday and today, we performed the new piece My Brother the Messiah for the first two times. From left to right the guest of both evenings Miroslav Paulíček, "Hana" Kristýna Suchá, "Marek" Vít Macháček, "Natalia" Lucie Zachovalová and director Petr Odo M.
obrazek25 May 2023: Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine Haugen sent us a nearly final version of their videos that will visually, and partly also acoustically, accompany certain sections of performances; they created these video materials when making a long ski trip through the snow-covered arctic landscape around the mount of Tromsdalstinden near their home town of Tromsø.
obrazek14 April 2023: Blanka Křemenová created the first visual for the new piece; it shows Lucie Zachovalová as Natalia and, most importantly, her red handbag, which is an aesthetic and semantic dominant of the overall piece, its icon
obrazek10 March 2023: From now, our rehearsals are improved, as we have obtained the essential scenographic elements and, at the same time, basic props: five large ladies’ handbags of various colours; the whole piece turns around them, they will become its aesthetic and semantic highlight
obrazek24 February 2023: During February, the complete Prague’s part of the project team was together at one place; from left to right Helena Macháčková, Lucie Zachovalová, Kristýna Suchá, Kateřina Poláková, Vít Macháček, Petr Odo Macháček
obrazek3 January 2023: The first rehearsal of the piece My Brother the Messiah took place; from left to right actor Vít Macháček, director Petr Odo Macháček and, with a script densely filled with notes, actress Kristýna Suchá; the actress Lucie Zachovalová is missing; another actor, for whom a smaller role is intended, will join us later
obrazek25 November 2022: The first version of the piece My Brother the Messiah is written, and we start to talk with all the actors that are ready, on a preliminary basis, to rehearse the piece; the director (who had been already appointed earlier) is finalising his staging vision
obrazek17 September 2022: together with our main project partners Anne Katrine and Liv Hanne Haugen, we are elaborating the concept of the piece during our encounter in Tromsø
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